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"And see the light that fractures through unquiet water." T.S. Eliot

Welcome to Sowing Light Seeds

Reading, writing, teaching and freelance editing are as entwined in my life as a complicated piece of crochet. The beginnings of the design are buried in the pattern.

My first memory of my wonder at words began at age five when my aunt set me in a large old-fashioned armchair at her local library. I can still see the sunlight pouring in the wide windows puddling on a threadbare carpet, and hear the silence broken only by my turning pages. I was mesmerized. The words opened a life long journey of discovery.

As a freelance content editor I enjoy helping writers find the threads of light in their own work through an in-depth focus on story and character, within each specific genre, to reach the satisfaction of a well-told tale.

As a writer I discover the light of the past in historicals and memoirs, uncovering patterns and choices and consequences that guide me now. In contemporary stories, devotions and poetry I find the light of epiphanies and community. Mystery and fantasy uncover new perspectives. Their light opens doors of vision and new ideas and the hope of possibility in the future.

For my experience and credentials go to About. To share some light discoveries, visit Blog. Or visit excerpts under Fiction and Non-Fiction. If you have any questions see Contact. And for practical editing assistance, workshops and encouragement to develop your own writing skills, please head over to

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