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"Tell all the Truth but tell it slant—" Emily Dickinson


book cover: a writer's spiritual retreat

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There are seasons in our lives when we run so hard and so fast that our hearts forget why. We hit the brick wall that is the artist’s mid-way slump. This journal is a retreat for creative renewal. Take time to dream again. Let the passages, poems and writing prompts refresh and recalibrate your soul’s perspective, either personally or in a small group setting.

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Paperback edition
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Summer Sketches is a collection of reminiscent poems covering a span of several summers spent at The Lake.  The narrator shares them in a memoir style, as if looking through a photo album, sharing snapshots and experiences with another person whom she trusts with her deepest feelings. Through the dramatic monologue the reader begins to recognize a deeper story exists behind those reflections making visible hidden truths.

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Paperback edition

Whether a gentle breeze or a raging storm, when a wind sweeps through our lives, change follows. Wind Sifting is a collection of poems reflecting the seasons and the moments when these winds sift our circumstances to reveal insight and clarity, even in times of chaos.


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