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And the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it.  John 1:5

The Lightbearer is a YA novel set in the land of Lorica, a place in a time beyond time fantasy. It is a land where prophecies have been lost in ancient history and what remains is myth and legend intertwined with history. Jonne, a young man on the brink of vocation, is jolted by the stranger’s piercing remarks, which lead him to emotional, spiritual, and relational struggles as he tries to discover the timeless question of his purpose and identity.
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Betta’s Song—Timeless themes woven through a mythic tale. It is a middle-reader novel set in a fictional agrarian culture. The kernel of the story is based from a tale told around 845 BC.
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Light That Fractures is a contemporary YA 16 and up/Next Generation crossover for readers of inspirational fiction. Twenty-one year old Geena begins a new year faced with a choice. Pursue justice for her twin sister’s death regardless of consequences, or release her anger and allow healing to begin. But can she choose to walk away or will that betray her sister’s memory? Geena wavers back and forth between past and present trying to decide which path she should choose to follow knowing the repercussions will not just change her life, but Ana’s too.
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