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“The lamp of the body is the eye; if therefore your eye is clear, your whole body will be full of light.” Matt 6:22


Pilgrimage excerpt

by Marcy Weydemuller

To kneel before the
journey is to accept
all consequences;
the heartbeat to
walk the road
itself a healing
laid upon
shoulder like
a knight’s

by Marcy Weydemuller

Seeds sown in glimmer
thoughts- a flash,
a shadow,
a hope.

Take root in heart
form purpose
breathe in truth.

Stamina, courage,
commitment, mark
days unfolding
to completion.

Brings glory.

Published Purpose July 2008

by Marcy Weydemuller

Love kneels to wash
away the dirt-
layers clogging heart,
mind, soul.

Refreshed by care
soothed by presence,
held close until restored
again and again without

Beyond end of days;

Love kneels.

Published Standard May 2009.

Summer Sketches excerpt

by Marcy Weydemuller

I don’t remember that night except
I recognize myself.
A stiff, small girl, large dark eyes in a pale face
staring at the blazing bonfire
shooting red embers into the dark sky.
My aunt cuddles me in her lap,
this stranger I just met.
My resistance is melting, one
leg hangs loose.
On the other side Mother
stands laughing,
barely in the shadows,
already disappearing.

by Marcy Weydemuller

The birch grove
held a special
quiet that
soaked inside.

And I’d sit on
the fern carpet
surrounded by its
white blanket,
while my tears
dried up.


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Banishment excerpt:


How many more nights will this
dark king sit at my father’s table
drink his wine.

His cold stare penetrates every corner
describes his own land with boasts
demeans our servants.

I tremble and turn away from conversation.

Hold my beloved’s lock of hair,
desire his presence now
dream of our marriage.

Hope his promises of love
deepen in absence
days long for his return.

I am forced back to present by a question.

My father repeats
“our guest wonders
why you spend time among the people”

“Milling with commoners not really
official behavior” dark king interrupts.
“why risk disease-send a servant.”

“My parents taught me royalty a privilege
our word a covenant,” I pause
“we are stewards of a trust to provide.”

Is it true you treat your people as dung I ask in silence.

Dismissed abruptly see two kings bend heads
deep in private consultation.
His haughty smirk watches me leave.

Disturbed by my father’s growing complacency
Does he not always condemn such behavior?
Has fear to resist shriveled his spine?

I lift my eyes to heaven and pray this intruder leaves soon.


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